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Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid was developed by nutrition experts to serve as a guide for an adequate and balanced diet. It shows the different food groups, the variety of foods that one can choose from within the food groups,  and the proportion of the different food groups in relation to each other, for  an adequate and balanced diet.


Water and beverages are at the base of the food pyramid as a reminder that water is one of the most essential elements to maintain good health.

Carbohydrates and Energy

The staples constitute the food group above the base of the food pyramid, and are commonly eaten the most compared to the other food groups.  These include rice, other cereals like oats, potato, corn and bread.  These foods are major sources of carbohydrates and energy.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables, which are in the middle section of the Food Pyramid, are very good sources of various vitamins and minerals, such as beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A, vitamin C,  B vitamins,  iron and also calcium. These foods also provide dietary fiber.


Fish, seafood, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, nuts and legumes are foremost excellent sources of quality proteins that are needed for growth and for building and repairing tissues. In addition to proteins, these foods may also provide good source of vitamins such as A, D, E and B vitamins, minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorous, and essential fatty acids.


Milk and milk products are particularly rich in calcium, and are a good source of high-quality protein and other essential nutrients.

Fats, Oils, Sugars and Sweets

Fats, oils, sugars and sweets, and salt are at the tip of the Food Pyramid, as a reminder to eat these in moderation.

* High source of zinc, iron, folic acid, thiamin and Vitamin B12 for children with poor appetite caused by deficiency of these nutrients.

Eating a variety of foods in the right amounts and selected from different food groups helps to ensure that your child meets his recommended intake for energy and nutrients.

To become 100% panatag, give your child three balanced meals a day based on the food pyramid. And don't forget to include milk that's right for his age such as new Lactum, with Appetite Support Nutrients*. A high source of Iron, Zinc, Thiamin, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12, it also has the essential nutrients found in the food groups of the food pyramid. Vitaminized Lactum helps provide IOO% nourishment with three balanced meals a day. So you, Mommy, may become IOO% panatag.